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Let me introduce you to the path in life which brought me to yoga as well as to my mission on this path. Here I also present the essence and various elements of the yoga practice and teaching modalities I would like to share with you I offer our guests a broad range of experiences where they can further explore and understand the medicine of movement and connect with their bodies such as cosmic dance, guided meditation, therapeutical yoga and more.


Marcos dedicates his life to natural wellbeing practicing and sharing different conscious movement and mindfulness modalities all designed to inspire you to create a better, healthier life.

classes, courses and retreats

Inspire, connect, play, and celebrate life

With my yoga classes, courses and retreats my vision is to inspire, connect, play, and celebrate life. This is an invitation to sink into your body, breathe deeply and feel fully.

For more details about my path in life and yoga background

For more details concerning the variety of movement modalities and yoga disciplines that I offer alongside with elements of dance and TaiChi, breathing and guided meditations


About the way I aim to integrate the essence of yoga into my teachings and share with you