Hatha Yoga

I want to share with you a physical yoga practice that is nurturing, healing and therapeutic, not competitive nor stressful, consisting of gentle and playful ways to develop and maintain physical health, mental clarity and a relaxed peaceful being.

This unique style incorporates asanas (poses and postures), eventually brought into fluid movements, pranayama (breathing control) and meditation.

Freestyle Hatha Yoga

Learn how to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy and happy
and maintain your health and mobility.

Marcos offers a very unique, powerful and graceful style of traditional Hatha Yoga practicing gentle, playful and nourishing ways to develop and maintain physical health, mental clarity and a relaxed peaceful being.

Practicing this style of yoga makes you graceful as a dancer, but strong as a warrior in both body, mind, and Heart.

Yoga Asana for me is the art of using, moving and maintaining your body with conscious awareness thus gaining more mobility, flexibility and better overall health.

We will develop strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, also increase energy and the ability to deal with stress. All postures taught have a simple and a more challenging version so – whether you are a beginner or an advanced participant and depending on how you feel on the day – you will be able to choose the level of difficulty that suits you.

We practice with courage and strength from the heart to experience ourselves, to observe and feel ourselves and to reconnect with our inner reservoir of energy, vitality, creativity, and health.

Each class is designed to help you develop a safer and more effective yoga practice in a unique style.
Practicing yoga under Marcos ‘guidance we will create a holistic symphony consisting of the major elements of traditional yoga adapted for the modern human being.

The continuous flow of uninterrupted presence and the meditative atmosphere within the yoga class will allow you to reconnect with your whole being, your body, your breath, your soul and your heart.
While some classes include gentle stretching, restorative postures, breathing and meditation, others will be more active asana classes – appropriate and safe for all levels – always uplifting and playful.

Starting with a meditative introduction bringing your attention to the body, observing your thoughts, and connecting with your breath we will then wake up the body using simple traditional postures and natural movement modalities ……. in which the focus is to work with the body as a unit in harmony with the breathing while moving the energy inside your being and communicating with each cell of your body.

You will move your spine in different directions, explore the range of movement of your hips and shoulders, strengthen your entire body and finally learn how to create a peaceful environment within yourself.

On the mat we will spice up the journey by increased awareness towards your emotional response, thoughts, or your breath along with calming down to make the mind clear and restful.

The focus is being switched from the physical body (asanas and movements) to your inner world – what you create inside of you.

Observe how it feels to slow down the rhythm of your practice and enter a doorway into a more relaxed way of being.

In today’s life everyone seems to be in a rush, from one task to the next, everyone is busy, running around.
So here is your invitation to really stop, breathe and feel the moment, feel what it is like to be alive and enjoy just being.
The whole practice is designed to be a pain-free way for people to practice and integrate the benefits of the yogic tradition including self-discovery in stillness, contemplation, and relaxation.
Feel the change for yourself when you leave the class feeling calm and centered and happy.

Personal note
In my yoga classes I aim to initiate a transformation within the participants which will not happen overnight, it will most probably be the beginning of a long, slow, deep, windy, sometimes painful path to walk on ……
slowly but inevitably integrating the changes and starting to feel deeply alive….
My yoga practice on all different levels made me feel so free in my body, something I never imagined possible.
It gave me so much confidence in myself, my body, my life, my intimacy, my love and it transformed my inner and outer world.
Due to all these years of training, transforming, exploring, experimenting, I found out what works and I can help people to change the rest of their lives.
I feel so grateful and honored to be able to share my experience and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to walk on this path.