I would like you to join me on a journey discovering the benefits and secrets of the ancient practice and wisdom of yoga brought into modern Life.

Our everyday lives are often hectic and full of pressure to perform. In order to liberate ourselves from this, we need to slow down and take time out to feel our body’s messages, allowing us to rest in the inner space of our wellbeing.

Here we can rest at ease and in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings, in a state of “natural being”. Then we can bring this inherently peaceful, happy and loving attitude over into our everyday lives.

As the yogis teach us, it is not that we aim to stop the challenges outside of us, or even the craziness within us; it is that we can find the source of peace within us and then navigate the journey of life with our grace and joy intact, to finally experience liberation.

When you fine-tune yourself to such a point where everything functions so beautifully within you you may discover a pure sense of being, of ease and wellbeing.

The meaning of the word yoga is to ‘join together’, the body unites with the breath to develop the mind and spirit, creating a unified and integrated human being.

In his classes, Marcos does not offer physically dynamic yoga classes, no pretzel gymnastics nor fitness power workout , choosing instead to return to asanas and mindful movement modalities as a focus for breath and stillness, to enhance your experience of tranquility, inner peace, and quiet mind, the greatest challenge being to retain the intimacy with yourself, which his guidance creates.

Marcos has designed his yoga sessions in a way that will allow you to experience your holidays and your life in a body full of grace, freedom and mobility.