About me


Marcos has temporarily been living and studying with a Sufi Master in Morocco for the last 25 years – long before he began his formal studies of Yoga with various teachers from different traditions in India and worldwide.

Travelling throughout Asia and Africa he has developed a broad knowledge and understanding of the ancient customs, cultures and spirituality of Morocco and India.

The intimate connection with these countries has inspired him to create arte vida – an urban oasis with guesthouse and yoga studio – reflecting the delights of North African and Asian lifestyle.

My small business in Austria provides me with the opportunity to dedicate my life to yoga and wellbeing studying and practicing with my teachers and sharing my knowledge and experience – whenever possible – with people around me.

Yoga – cultivating the ability to realize and embody the truth of this unique moment- is the foundation and source of my life and through my daily practice I remember to live my purpose: enjoying my life ….. always taking care of my body, mind, and spirit …… and most importantly, helping other people to enjoy their lives.

What a blessing it is to have such a gift of this practice, to re-energise us, to go out into the world and keep putting good positive energy back to those around us.

In alignment with my mission, I am happy and grateful to serve as a yoga teacher:

Be inspired to create your own creative, personal yoga practice, emerge into a more connected and grounded lifestyle, and begin to enjoy a healthier, happier, and more energetic life coming back to the simple things – natural wellbeing, peace, and harmony.

I am happy to serve by providing knowledge and my own experience because I truly believe in the magic of yoga and its power to create a better life for oneself and all beings.

„True Yoga is not about the shape of your body but the shape of your life“

Aadil Palkhivala

For me yoga is not so much about the shape of your body, the yoga style you practice but what kind of qualities you cultivate inside of you and the life you create.

„My path is to be in the living Presence; We have to find a way inside us, we have to find a way to open our hearts, to quiet our minds, to let go our fears and our selfishness, our guilt and our anger and jealousy;
all we have to do is practice and look inside……“ 

„I enjoy my life taking care of my body, mind and spirit every day. According to my mission I like to inspire people around me and share practices to develop and maintain physical health, mental clarity and a relaxed peaceful being.

Most importantly I aim to create a climate where everybody can connect with the inner joy which is our true nature“.