Marcos is a yoga teacher rooted in traditional hatha yoga adapting his teaching modalities to modern life.

With more than 20 years of experience sharing yoga practices with people of all different backgrounds his classes can be adapted to any level so that everyone can join his classes, no matter what their age, level of fitness or flexibility is.

Classes are taught in English, German, or Spanish language

Teaching modalities

His unique style of yoga rooted in the Hatha Yoga tradition is sometimes inspired by different movement modalities from Tai Chi and dance including Buddhist, tantric and mindfulness practices as well as wisdom and meditation.

Sometimes challenging but always gentle and playful our practice allows for body, mind and heart to let go of tension, to experience ourselves more fully and to be encouraged to bring a loving and accepting attitude into our daily lives.

Find out more about the different teaching modalities that I offer, all being gentle, playful and nourishing ways to develop and maintain physical health, mental clarity and a relaxed peaceful being.

Freestyle Hatha Yoga

I want to share with you a physical yoga practice that is nurturing, healing and therapeutic, not competitive nor stressful, consisting of gentle and playful ways to develop and maintain physical health, mental clarity and a relaxed peaceful being.

This unique style incorporates asanas (poses and postures), eventually brought into fluid movements, pranayama (breathing control) and meditation.

Cosmic Dance – connecting with the Five elements

The entire session is an uninterrupted flow of conscious movement modalities created as a fusion between various disciplines that I love and practiced for a long time, including yoga, TaiChi, dance, tantra, meditation and mindfulness ……. to move better in our lives~ in the body, mind, and heart. You will learn and practice ways to energize, nourish and strengthen your body, relax your whole being while developing blissful, grounded calmness.

Yoga Therapy

Practice the art of using, moving and maintaining your body with conscious awareness thus gaining more mobility, flexibility and better overall health.

Discover the many health benefits of yoga postures and movement modalities adressing individual imbalances leading you towards true vitality and resilience in the physical body as well as within your deeper, emotional worlds.

Sufi Yoga

This active meditation is a gentle blend of dance and yoga traditionally practiced in the oriental part of the world from Pakistan to Morocco, mainly done standing, circling, sitting – in movement or stillness.

Using the breath and a series of coordinated body movements followed by circling, your energy becomes centered in the hara, the life energy center below the naval.

From your center you can watch your mind and experience awareness and wholeness – the body moving in all directions, the center unmoving.